Melody Wong

Software Engineer


Make sure there are safe and high-quality videos for kids.

Data analysis and working on a project that has a positive impact in the world.

Meetings, writing and reviewing code, and running experiments to test out ideas.

In university, I studied Physics and Astronomy because I wanted to understand how the world around me worked. During that time, I recognized the importance of computer science skills for the working researcher (e.g. running scripts to analyze data, running numerical simulations, etc.). So I went back to school to study Computer Science with a focus on numerical computation. While at university, I did several different internships in both academia and industry. I had the opportunity to try out many different jobs and projects: astronomy research, Earth imaging, autonomous sailing, computer vision, quantum computing, and recommendation systems. While I was not a specialist in any of these research areas, I was able to learn on the job, collaborate with experts, and use my generalized skills in math and computer science to contribute to the team.

Hopefully, I will continue to work on projects that I find fun, challenging, and meaningful.

Kayak, hang out with friends, learn Mandarin Chinese, and eat pastries.

"Don't let perfection get in the way of your pursuit for excellence." ~ Unknown