Katherine Lai

Software engineer


I design and implement software that aims to make it easier for doctors to find the information they need.

I enjoy the kind of problem solving that I get to tackle. I also love that I get to do this sort of thing while working on a project that has the potential to help improve health outcomes. I work with other great people who are similarly minded.

A typical day is a mix of meetings and both writing and reviewing code, design docs, and documentation. Building software is a very collaborative effort.

I first started coding in high school. I then went on to study computer science in college (and even started on a PhD program). I decided I wanted to take more of an active role in building software to solve problems and make a difference. I ended up dropping out of the PhD program to work in biotechnology instead.

I want to make a positive difference in people's lives, both by helping to build software that achieves something new, and by sharing my experiences to help other people grow and achieve their dreams, too.

I like to read science fiction and fantasy books, play video games, and hang out with friends and family.

One of the lessons I remember the most from college was that even the most talented person you know had to start from scratch and work hard to get where they are now. There isn't anything stopping you from doing the same thing! It's never too late to learn.