Crystal Seo

Software Engineer

Google - they make our lives easier!

I make the Google Search page better when you look up a place. :)

Huge impact! Whatever I build is seen by billions of people! I also learn little tips on how to 'Google search' better!

Coding & getting review from other engineers, Review other people's code, Run an experiment and see the metrics, Meetings to update the team how my project is going, Meetings with other people to help their projects

I went to a very small women's college. I started studying Computer Science during my sophomore year (2nd year) of college. My first internship was teaching high school girls at a 'Girls Who Code' camp. :) I was offered a job at Google during my senior year at college, and started working right after graduating.

Something bright?!

I love cooking, snowboarding, skating, and biking!

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!"