Fiona Hall-Zazueta

Software Engineer

Cisco Systems

Cisco is a big technology company supporting networking and communications with a diverse set of computer hardware and software offerings. Currently, I work as a Full-Stack Software Engineer on the Cisco IoT Labs team. I work on proofs of concept for new features and products for Cisco.

I love that I have a job where there is always something new to learn or a novel problem to solve. I have room to keep growing and learning!

I mostly spend my day-to-day writing code: both front-end and back-end. I also join meetings with coworkers to design, debug, and plan our next steps.

I got into computer science by coding simple games with Scratch and JavaScript. I expanded my interest (and my interest in getting girls involved in STEM) with internships and the Girls Who Code summer immersion program. I majored in Symbolic Systems (philosophy + psychology + linguistics + computer science) at Stanford University and interned at Cisco. I came back to work for them full time after graduating.

Professionally, I hope to become a Tech Lead - initiating and leading projects to bring new and better products to our customers. I still want to work directly on software, but I love having opportunities to mentor and lead. Outside of my professional life, I am hoping to become a published fantasy author.

Outside of work, I am a fantasy/sci-fi writer and digital artist. I am working towards publishing my first novel. I also love board games and game design. I have recently been trying to pick up more sports. I grew up playing soccer and tennis, but am just getting into bouldering and surfing!

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." ~ Unknown