Xania Khan

Head of Content Strategy

eBay, where we connect people and build communities to create economic opportunity for all.

I lead a team who collaborates with our global colleagues. We break down silos by gathering insight and market research to develop a content and engagement strategy that positions our customers as heroes in our storytelling.

I love to inspire my team to think differently, challenge the status quo, and create strategy that helps our global teams understand who our customers really are and connect with them on a deeper level.

No one day is typical! I connect and build relationships with my global colleagues so we can learn from one another by sharing ideas, brainstorming, and growing together. It's also important for me to carve out enough space everyday to think, research, and source innovative ways to bring added value to the work my team does, and then figure out HOW to bring it to life.

I didn't start out on this career journey. I found the courage to take a few steps back to learn and go in a different direction. It wasn't easy, but I was passionate and determined. I pivoted from a job in the financial sector to publishing. Many years were spent freelancing - writing and producing digital content. Five years later, I landed my dream job at the time – Editor-in-Chief for a national magazine. That was the catalyst to where I am now. I fell in love with turning data into meaningful storytelling, connecting with my audiences, mentoring young talent, and leading creative and art direction. The work we were doing was influencing young women across Canada and it was important to me that we delivered quality content. That was a long time ago. My audience has changed over the years. What still holds true today is that I continue to grow and evolve as a person, mentor talent, and build content strategy for top brands like eBay to emotionally connect with their customers. I thrive off inspiring conversations and having a positive impact in the work I do and the people I engage with.

I'd like to continue traveling – the way I did before COVID. I have my eyes set on Bali, Maldives, Greece, and Italy. I did my Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and while I've never taught, I think I might want to start!

I'm a hot yoga enthusiast and try to squeeze in two classes a night. The studio I practice at has hot fitness and hot yoga, so it's a great way to get a workout in and to meditate afterwards. Adventure and road trips bring me so much joy. I rode a Harley Davidson for 10 years and recently switched gears with a Jeep. Driving on country roads with the top down and an awesome playlist speaks to my soul. The destination doesn't matter; it's the journey that matters the most!

"You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do." ~ Carl Jung