Dhwani Daftary

Staff Engineer


Our technology is defining the future of computing - from the sensor, to the smartphone, and the supercomputer. I work for CPU - centric group (Central Processing Unit) which defines, designs, and validates Arm® processor IP (Internet Protocol) - the brains in billions of diverse electronic devices.

I love my role, which brings in new innovations in the market. My team uses the latest tools and methodologies with an eye for innovation and creative problem solving.

My typical day involves working closely with my team members across different geographies, and having fun doing what I'm doing!

I have been in this industry for more that 15 years now. Learning something new everyday and contributing with hard work, determination and focus.

A role where I can learn something new everyday and feel like my work is making a difference, a feeling of satisfaction, and gratitude!

I love to travel and learn about different cultures and their food. In my free time, you will find me in my kitchen experimenting with new recipes, or in my garden trying to grow tropical fruit trees.

Embrace every new challenge and never hesitate to speak up!