Camile Earle-Dennis

Senior Content Specialist in Social Emotional Learning

Instructional Empowerment

We serve educators and school communities to disrupt and rebuild the systems that fuel educational disparities. I create and provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) supports that are founded in neuroscience and that build emotional intelligence and compassion.

I love to help others! The content I create serves to empower and uplift both educators and students.

I spend my time working remotely building content, innovating, researching, and meeting with team members.

I studied Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience within educational frameworks. I am an immigrant who worked hard to shift the trajectory of my family, my children, and all children.

I hope to continue to learn how to be a better mother, spouse, sister, friend, mentor, and teammate. I hope to publish my journey and motivate other women to continue striving toward their goals and dreams.

I love to watch our boys play soccer. I also love to cook and try different foods. I am often reading and researching for fun and serving children and women in my community.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi