Lola Grange

Head of Commitments Operations

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

LSEG provides financial data and information for companies like banks. We also help entrepreneurs raise money for their companies when they list their company on the London Stock Exchange. I make sure that LSEG is doing what it has promised to do by reviewing the company's processes and creating reports. I use my analytic and writing skills as a lawyer to help me with my work. I also volunteer as the Global Co-lead for the LSEG Catalyst Innovation Network. We help colleagues come up with new ideas to help the company grow.

I love interacting with many people on a daily basis. I also get to help fix how the company is doing things when I spot that something is not working well. My volunteer roles also keep me busy.

I make sure that everyone has submitted their reports to me. I then check them to make sure they are accurate. If I spot something that is not clear, I got back to the person to get more details. I present the reports to a group of senior leaders in the company.

I studied English and French Law at university. (I spent one year in a French university.) I trained as a lawyer and became a computer lawyer - a lawyer who deals with software contracts. After many years, I completed a further degree in Creative Entrepreneurship with Computer Games. I learnt how to code a bit and learnt all about how to make both mobile and computer games.

I want to continue to use my talents and skill to help my company grow. I would also love to learn to play jazz music on the flute.

I play my flute and I recently took up running to help me keep fit.

"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." ~ Maya Angelou