Alicia Logan

Freelance writer


I enjoy collaborating with organizations and nonprofits that focus on providing the youth with the means to express themselves and cultivate their talents. As such, most of the pieces that I write are centered on empowering young girls and sharing with them the value of pursuing their dreams.

What I love about freelance writing is the freedom to choose my projects and the articles I write while reaching a wide audience and sharing my knowledge and passion.

Usually, I juggle various projects at a time. With each writing assignment, I tend to outline my article first before writing it to ensure that my words are coherent and all key points are touched on. Once the piece is finished, I seek feedback from the companies and organizations I work with to be able to produce the best version of the article.

I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing, specializing in a nonfiction track. Afterwards, I worked as a translator and then a content writer for a digital marketing agency, before deciding to pursue freelance writing.

Moving forward, I would like to pursue more creative endeavors and work on writing memoirs and personal essays about the intersections of class, race, and motherhood.

When I have the time, I like to experiment with different baked goods recipes. I also enjoy endurance sports such as running, and try to challenge myself by signing up for marathons.

“But the best writing appears like those animals, sudden, self-possessed, telling everything and nothing, words approaching wordlessness. Maybe writing is its own desert, its own wilderness.” ~ Rebecca Solnit, 'A Field Guide to Getting Lost'