Stacy Casson

Senior Analyst Net Promoter Approach

DHL - We are a global logistics leader who focus on our customers and connect them to the world to improve lives.

I manage the customer feedback program for the country and find ways to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience.

I love making an impact! I work with wonderful and supportive people, and together, we are insanely customer-centric. I like using continuous improvement tools to empower people to thrive.

A typical day is listening to customer feedback and ensuring we act on what our customers say. I also collaborate with my colleagues and brainstorm how to improve. We have a lot of fun because the work is creative. I love to make song parodies to drive our methods and processes!

I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. This helped me to learn how to learn. Most of my skills came from on-the-job training. It is equivalent to Six Sigma training, an industry standard for continuous improvement. I ask a lot of questions and am always curious.

I really like to help and empower people. In the future, I would like to continue to drive process improvement and also translate that to personal action. For example, my kid makes their own plan for how to problem-solve.

I love to sing and create art. I enjoy hunting for cool new places like yummy ice cream shops! I enjoy reading and watching K-Dramas. I also host a podcast and like write haiku.

"A comfort zone is a desert. Hardly anything grows there." ~ Stacy Casson