Carlotta Zorzi

Senior Partnerships Manager

Shopify, whose mission is to make commerce better for everyone. I am also a Tech Career Coach for School16.

In Partnerships at Shopify, I look after relationships with some of our key partners to ensure we keep working towards a shared goal to help both businesses grow. As a Career Coach, I help individuals who want to land non-technology roles in the technology industry. I review their transferable skills and help them apply them in a technology context to break into the industry.

As a natural connector and relationship builder, I absolutely love finding ways to help both businesses and individuals grow in the technology industry!

I usually spend a lot of time speaking with my partners, generally strategising and reviewing commercial performance. I also work on the creation of new projects and implement ideas that can lead to business growth. On the other hand, as a Career Coach, I work with individuals who are looking to achieve a specific goal helping them find clarity for their next step.

My academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Advertising, and Communications as well as a Masters degree in International Marketing and Brand Management. However, I know many individuals who got into the industry without formal higher education. My very first full time job was in media, where I worked in Account Management for global media agencies like Zenith and Mediacom. After that, I moved to the technology side, focusing on Advertising Technology, while maintaining client relations and retention. Ultimately, I moved to the world of commerce where I started working with many amazing partners on a daily basis!

The more my career develops, the more I focus on finding ways to give back. The objective is no longer defining what I want to become, but more who I want to be as a person. So, I hope my future holds a combination of career growth and opportunities to help elevate others, whilst positively impacting issues like social mobility through the power of technology.

I love travelling, exploring, and learning more about other cultures! I also love learning more about how I can help women grow into the technology industry; I’m involved in many mentoring groups where I act as a mentor. I also adore teaching and on an annual basis, I teach at Sussex University. In 2023, I was also a UN Women UK Delegate, an experience that allowed me to get even closer to issues that affect women across the globe!

"If you learn, teach. If you get, give." ~ Maya Angelou