Kavita Kapoor

Director and Founding Member

Federation of Humanitarian Technologists - where we build products that help humans in a crisis.

I talk to a lot of people about how they can use or build technology

We are always changing and improving the world.

My typical day involves talking to my team and inspiring or helping them with problems. Creating presentations or talking through those presentations on stage.

I did the first UK Masters of Science degree in Internet Technology before anyone used the Internet and became a programmer working at Channel 4 and the BBC. I moved into management at the London 2012 Olympics and since then I have led and run all types of organisations.

In the future I want to grow a business from 20 people upwards and help people understand why we should all be managing the internet together democratically.

I run a LGBTQ+ Martial Arts club in Camden which involves a bit of boxing and lots of laughing.

"Make it so " Luc Picard (fiction)