Maira Elahi


TIVEA, an organization dedicated to advancing the development and deployment of responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies.

With a team of industry leaders, researchers, and ethicists, TIVEA is setting new standards for responsible tech and helping to shape the future of AI for the better. We do this through community-building, creating best-practice guides, and informing industry workers with evidence-based consultancy.

I love being able to make a difference in the fields I'm passionate about! Developing technology with humane interests is so important in this fast-growing world. I get to combine my love for innovation, social good, and activism all in one!

My day-to-day typically involves working on research or programming. A lot of the work we do is also very community-focused, meaning talking to people and listening to what they have to say. We're currently working on publishing a report on responsible technology insights, so a lot of my recent work has been interviewing industry people.

Initially, my career path involved pursuing traditional programming and developer roles, which were satisfactory, yet not particularly stimulating. While I did not harbour any negative feelings towards these positions, I did not experience a great deal of enthusiasm either. However, as time progressed, I developed a growing awareness of the ethical implications surrounding the technology industry, such as data privacy and AI ethics. This newfound consciousness sparked an interest in more abstract, theoretical work, and led me to become involved in the 'responsible tech' movement. Eventually, I felt compelled to carve my own path in this field and contribute fresh perspectives to the discourse, prompting me to establish my own organization!

My path has been non-linear until now. I'm always exploring new things and trying to enrich myself. I've started exploring the intersections of different fields with technology, such as healthcare and policy, so I imagine my future will hold many other disciplines!

Reading and writing have always been something I cherished - writing, most of all. I write short stories and poetry in my free time, and will never fail to take you up on any book recommendations!

"The very fact that this industry is not always welcoming to people like me is precisely why I need to be a part of it." ~ Maira Elahi Being a woman and a minority in STEM, there are tons of obstacles to navigate and glass ceilings to shatter. By pushing past the barriers, I’ve not only fulfilled my own dreams, but contributed to a larger movement toward equity and representation in the field!