Marsha Castello

Data Analyst

I work for the UK Civil Service. This is at the heart of government, helping to develop and implement policies that impact the daily lives of the public as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I am a Data Analyst. I am responsible for analysing, interpreting, and presenting data to provide insights and inform business decisions. Essentially, this means that I work with numbers to advise against risk , analyse performance, and predict future outcomes. I have recently served as a UN Women UK delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. We were strategizing to close gender equity gaps for women and girls in the areas of human rights, safety, education and access to opportunities in today’s digital age, using technology and innovation to empower women and girls.

I love using data to find the story behind the facts and figures - exploring and identifying relationships and trends in the data to describe what is happening, when it is happening, how it is happening, why it is happening, where it is happening, and who it impacts. Is it a desired outcome? If not, then how can we prevent it happening in the future? If so, then how can we make it happen more efficiently!

My day can vary but usually includes the following: reviewing data, cleaning and organizing data (removing duplicates and errors), analysing data, looking at what the numbers are telling us, creating and maintaining data visualisations (charts and graphs) and dashboards, generating reports, working with my teammates and other teams on projects, learning new tools and techniques, as well as attending meetings to plan, learn, and review what we do and how this can be improved.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Business as well as PRINCE 2 Project Management Certification and experience. I had worked in policy departments and in performance analysis before my current role. These are good experiences to have, but not essential to become a Data Analyst. I would advise that you enjoy working with numbers, have great problem-solving skills, communication skills, Microsoft Excel skills, an eye for detail, and an ability to code in SQL and, in some cases, Python.

I am currently up-skilling to become a Data Scientist/ Software Engineer. As such, over the last 9+ months, I have been adding to my substantial commercial experience in a range of coding languages and technical skills through programmes with Code First Girls, Firebrand Training, and Avado - FastFutures. I am currently studying a 16-week Software Engineering bootcamp with Xuntos - Let's Get Together, where I am learning all aspects of Software Engineering and additional coding skills.

I love, love, love, and you will usually find me at: Fitness bootcamps, Pilates, Kettlebell workouts, theatre, live music (concerts and festivals), art (appreciation & creation), and the movies . I love all things tech & technological innovation/ inventions and I am passionate about using tech for social good and lasting positive change.

"Never believe that anything is beyond your reach. If another person learnt it and is doing it, so can you! Find superheroes/ role models in your desired field and learn from them!"