Richa Gandhi

Software Engineering Manager

I work with GoDaddy™️, which is the largest domain registrar in the world.

I am an Engineering Leader. I work with various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and I mentor many Individual Contributors (ICs). In order to host a website, registering a domain is the first step. I oversee a team of Software Engineers who build software services for domain registration/renewals and various other domain actions.

I love the work our company does to support small businesses. We have a whole suite of products that help small businesses launch and succeed in their journey as entrepreneurs and it all starts with registering a domain.

A typical day starts with a status meeting, in which I learn from my team what they worked on the previous day and what they plan to work on today. I also share my tasks, and ask if there are any roadblocks that I can help alleviate. The rest of the day is a mix of meetings about design decisions, fixing issues, and coding for new features.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Engineering and started to work as a software engineer with a multinational company in 2009. After gaining some practical knowledge in the tech industry, I decided to go back to school for my Master's degree in 2013. After graduation, I started working with GoDaddy™️ as a Software Engineer and spent most of my day writing code. I also really enjoyed people leadership and decided to move into Engineering Leadership, where I get to work both on code and people leadership.

I want to grow into Leadership and become part of the C-Suite soon. I am really passionate about helping my team grow and contributing towards the growth of the company. I have been actively working as a leader/advisor with women in tech and sustainability groups and want to expand in those areas, as well and give back as much as possible.

I really enjoy reading, especially reading with both my daughters. My 7-year-old is an avid reader. Going to the library every week and getting a lot of books with her is one of my favorite activities. I also love to run, go on hikes, and travel.

'When you wake up every morning, choose joy!' ~ Unknown