Mugdha Sharma


I am a high school student in CA. There are many other students I learn with and befriend, and share new experiences with them!

I go to my classes and make sure to pay attention! I do work that is assigned to me and study for tests.

I love how I can learn about things that I wouldn’t know otherwise. I also get to meet my friends at school and make new ones!

I make sure to get to my classes on time, and I have lots of fun with my friends during lunch!

10 years of schooling have lead me to where I am now.

I hope to go into a profession I love doing, so I enjoy my life to the fullest! I want to have fun and be able to travel to many places.

I like to watch movies and play sports! I currently like playing tennis and badminton, and hanging out with my friends.

"Fear ends more dreams than failure ever will." ~ Suzy Kassem