Sanita Kaur

Business Development Manager

I work for a medical Device company specialising in respiratory diagnostic equipment.

I have several roles, one of which is to support lots of nurses and doctors with their equipment needs and this requires me to have a certain level of science knowledge. I also provide training on how the equipment works which means my science background and knowledge can help me explain the equipment to health professionals. I also work on several projects from a business element, as well as presenting and looking after customers.

I can share my knowledge and help others be the best at their roles too. I love how I get to utilise science in my role on a daily basis and how it helps change lives for so many patients too.

I would normally drive across the country to visit a hospital or a medical practice, sometimes even refineries and other cool places. I will either show health care professional how my equipment works or provide detailed training on the equipment. I will return back to base (home) I work from home and then write up any emails and quotes or send the customers any further information. Sometimes I attend large scale exhibitions where we have a stall and speak to several health care customers, we do presentations on the stand on various topics. On some occasions I go to Universities to provide training to trainee doctors in their 3rd year of university to to show them and educate them on equipment and how it can help diagnose diseases. Everyday is a different place and different task.

I went to University and studied Sport and exercise Science which i loved! I then went onto to working for the University i studied at, which helped me develop my presentation skills. I then wanted to really utilise my degree so I went to work for a well known Food brand and was advising dietitians on nutritional supplements for patients with rare metabolic conditions. I then went to work for a large Pharmaceutical company and gained further knowledge with respiratory patients and then found my current role which i love in Respiratory medical devices.

I want to help change lives, I want to help empower so many people. I have started working on several other side projects to help me fulfill this.

I lift lots of weights, and do some boxing! I also like to dance around listening to music at home. I also like to motivate others, it makes me feel good.

In order to get something you have never had before, you have to do something you have never done before! (Credit Unknown)