Taye Johnson

Data Analytics Manager

Eidolon Communications where I support weekly reporting for a number of clients.

I search for patterns within a set of data. This gives me an opportunity to discover trends that allow me to make informed decisions.

I love independent work. I also enjoy the surprise of not knowing what tomorrow may bring. There is a certain level of curiosity that allows me to explore new information.

A typical day for me begins with me sorting through my work email. After I'm finished with that, I move onto completing the weekly reports and any special projects.

I started my career working in Human Resources where I worked in recruiting, training & development, and HR analytics. I decided to make a career change a few years ago. I transitioned from HR into data and I started working as a Database Administrator. From there I joined a coding bootcamp and became a Coding Instructor in addition to working full-time in data. Since then I've also worked in Data Governance and eventually landed in Data Analytics.

I plan to add more skills to my plate. I am on track to becoming an Ethical Hacker and Researcher once I get closer to completing my M.S. in Information Technology & Cybersecurity.

I enjoy reading and photography.

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” ― Angela Y. Davis