Marisusan Trout

Partner at WINNAR Group

WINNAR Group offers consultancy opportunities in Business Growth, Strategy, Marketing, Media, Brand Engagement, and Sales. Independently, I've worked on various film projects from Script Supervisor to Producer.

I create strategy for business growth planning, media buying and selling, sponsorship creations, and sales. I also produce film content and storytelling.

The team makes an important distinction for me. I would rather work with a great team on a simpler project versus a big, splashy project with unethical people.

Each day differs based on the project at hand.

I started as a DJ, then Media buyer, sports media sales, network media sales and marketing. I owned broadcasting stations, launched various networks and/or divisions within major studios. I left to go independent to film content.

Ah...crystal ball time...I choose to believe I'll land within a company in an executive role that provides a meaningful product or service and utilize my business development and leadership success.

Outdoor-hiking, kayaking, swimming, exploring, National Parks, snow activities, social Indoor- Dance, workout, cooking, entertaining, education, social

I have many and they vary. 'No one cares what you know unless they know you care!'