Karen Rasmussen

Digital Strategist

Adobe, who are more popularly known for PDF or Photoshop but they also have a suite of marketing tools to empower organisations to do great marketing.

I help our companies do great marketing, focusing on the customer and user experience.

I love helping companies to see how they can do better marketing. I enjoy all parts of this role, the research, user testing, presenting and the fact that we always work in a team. I love to collaborate. My team mates feel like they are my buddies :-)

Research industry trends for e.g retail, look companies in this space are doing, come up with a vision for where its going, based on data I'm seeing (its more interesting that it sounds!), put together a presentation, speak with clients. Oh and work with my team mates :-)

Its jumbled :-) I didn't go to a great school and I've had to fight for where I am today but I've learnt so much along the way. In brief: McDonalds, Admin jobs, Collage then university, IT support job, Product marketing/ content manager, Brand team, Web team then various marketing roles then a few years ago after I joined Adobe I wanted to do something customer facing, I wanted to help customers and challenge myself so I "forced" my way into Value Consulting and then eventually into the Digital Strategy Group.

I don't know and I'm excited by that! I'm open minded and as long as I'm being challenged and enjoying my job then what more can you ask for? Sometimes being too specific makes you blinkered to other possibilities.

I like being outdoors :-) hiking, walking my dog, yoga, wakeboarding, I was training to be a qualified skydiver prior to having my daughter. I LOVE my close friends and laughing with them is just the best! My best friend is a guy I grew up with, like me, he grew up in a tough environment and I'm so proud of how far he's come! I feel like we inspire each other. Its important to have friends who make you feel positive.

1. "haters gonna' hate" - Taylor Swift sang that - point being, don't let the haters bring you down! You can't please everyone and that's ok. 2. Be kind to yourself - you'll be surprised at how much more you will achieve. (quote by me). 3. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Acceptance of how we feel can be the most amazing release. (quote by me)