Shabana Siraj


I'm the founder and CEO of Trident Consulting. We are an Engineering, IT solutions, and staffing company!

I'm the CEO of Trident Consulting. My work involves making sure the company is profitable and that we take care of our clients, consultants, and employees by motivating them to do their best!

- Turning dreams into reality through creative projects and initiatives. - Inspiring and empowering people to reach their full potential. - Making a positive impact on the world and contributing to the community.

- Meeting and collaborating with a team of amazing people to plan and work on exciting projects. - Making important decisions to help our company grow and succeed. - Inspiring and supporting our team to do their best and achieve their goals

Here's how my journey led me to where I am today: Education and Qualifications: It all started with my passion for learning. I studied diligently and pursued my education in fields that fascinated me. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Management and later, went on to complete my Master's degree in Finance. Studying these subjects opened up a world of possibilities for me and laid the foundation for my future career. Employment History: After completing my studies, I dove into the professional world. I worked in various roles and industries, always pushing myself to excel and learn new things. Each job taught me valuable skills and life lessons. I faced challenges, but I never gave up, because I knew that every experience was preparing me for something greater. Taking the Leap: One day, I had an opportunity that changed everything. I was laid off from a company and I then decided to start my own company, Trident Consulting. It was a big step, but I believed in my abilities and the vision I had for the company. With dedication, perseverance, and support from my team, Trident Consulting gradually grew, and I assumed the role of CEO. Girls, I want you to remember that the journey to success is not always smooth, but it's the hurdles and challenges that shape us into strong leaders. The key is to stay curious, never stop learning, and embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Follow your passions, don't be afraid to take risks, and dream big! As future leaders, you have the power to make a difference and create positive change in the world. Believe in yourselves, support one another, and always remember that your dreams are within reach. You can achieve anything you set your mind to! So, let's take this journey together and make the world an even better place!

Empowering Others: As the CEO of Trident Consulting, my mission is not just about achieving personal success, but also about empowering others. I want to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential. In the future, I envision our company as a place where all voices are heard, where diversity is celebrated, and where each team member's unique strengths are nurtured. Making a Positive Impact: I am committed to using my position as CEO to make a positive impact on the world around us. Through Trident Consulting, we will continue to focus on projects and initiatives that contribute to the greater good. Whether it's supporting environmental causes, giving back to our community, or promoting education, I want our work to leave a lasting and meaningful impact on society. Inspiring Future Leaders: One of my greatest aspirations is to inspire and empower future leaders, just like you! I hope to be a role model for young girls everywhere, showing them that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Through mentorship, outreach programs, and fostering a culture of learning, I want to nurture a new generation of confident, compassionate, and determined leaders.

I love to engage in various exciting activities. Here are some of the fun things I do in my spare time. Running for a Cause: One of my passions is running marathons to raise funds for the education of underprivileged children. It's not only a great way to stay fit, but it also allows me to contribute to a cause that is close to my heart. The sense of accomplishment after completing a marathon and knowing it's making a difference in someone's life is truly rewarding. Challenging Myself: I enjoy pushing my limits and taking on new challenges. From participating in triathlons and skydiving, I love the thrill of trying something new and stepping outside my comfort zone! These experiences have taught me the value of resilience and embracing fear to grow both personally and professionally. Need for Speed: I have a passion for fast cars and the thrill of speed. Whenever I get the chance, I love driving high-performance cars and feeling the adrenaline rush. It's a fantastic way to unwind and feel a surge of excitement! Flying Solo: Another thrilling activity I enjoy is flying a plane on my own. The feeling of freedom and independence while soaring through the sky is truly extraordinary. It reminds me that with determination and courage, I can achieve anything, even taking flight! These fun activities not only bring joy and excitement into my life but also help me stay focused and motivated. They remind me that life is an adventure, and it's essential to make the most of every moment.

"Believe in yourself, for you have the power to turn dreams into reality. With a positive mindset, anything is possible!" ~ Shabana Siraj, CEO, Trident Consulting