Estefania Pacheco

TAC (Technical Assistance Center)

Cisco Systems, an organization that provides technical support and assistance to customers or clients.

I lead customer delivery engagements and provide escalation support for large scale solutions and complex issues through deep technical expertise.

One of the aspects that I appreciate about wireless technology is its constant evolution. This allows me to continually learn and stay updated, enabling me to assist others in effectively using and adopting the solution.

Typically, I prioritize responding to my emails before checking my instant messages. After that, I move on to reviewing my to-do list for any pending tasks throughout the day. Although I often have scheduled calls, there may be urgent calls that disrupt my planned schedule. Nonetheless, as a leader, it is crucial to remain resilient and be adaptable when collaborating with various teams.

I started as a Network Engineer in another organization. Then I moved to the wireless TAC team, where I started in a new technology. I challenged myself to go beyond, and that way, I became the escalation point for my team. Then I worked into the technical path to become a Tech Lead. The experience has been so nourishing and amazing that sometimes I do not believe that it was me who could achieve this point that quickly. At the same time, I am aware that everything required work and commitment, and I am very proud of myself.

I see in my future more development within my current role and, once I get there, I will continue the path to escalate even more. I see myself as an important figure for others.

My favorite things in life are relaxing, having a good talk, and being with people I love. Indeed, family is very important for me. I also enjoy being alone - having time to spend either exercising, walking around, or watching a good movie. I think it is very important to be comfortable with yourself.

Trust the timing of your life.