Laura Arias Camargo

Escalation Engineer

Cisco Systems

Cisco is a networking company that manufactures, sells, and gives maintenance to networking equipment globally. Some examples are switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless devices. I give technical support to highly escalated cases and I help provide solutions to difficult problems.

I love to interact with many different people and different cultures. I love to learn new technical things every day and use my skills to provide solutions to people.

I spend my day doing reviews of my team and their cases to help them solve problems faster. I usually need to attend to calls for escalated cases to help them find solutions to their technical problems.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. My first job was in a technical support center in Colombia. As I grew my skills and my experience, I was able to move to Mexico City and achieve my current role.

I want to become a global technical leader in engineering. I also want to travel to Europe.

I like to watch new series on Netflix. I read books in Portuguese, as I love to learn new languages. I love to draw and do lettering. I like to play video games, too.

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." ~ Albert Einstein