Heidi Rhodes

Global Director of Customer Success and Sales, Business Messaging


Meta is the company that owns Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Threads. I help businesses around the world both design and build messaging experiences on these platforms; for example, when messaging an airline on Instagram to book a flight or reserving a table at a restaurant by messaging their Facebook account.

I help impact the lives of 2.8 billion people - making them a little easier every day. A lot of the people we help live in poorer areas, and business messaging gives them access to digital services that they have never had access to before.

I meet with clients and partners and talk about ways they can improve the way they message with their users. I meet with product teams on new ideas to make our products better. I support my team through both good and hard days.

I grew up in rural England, and knew that learning was an opportunity. I took a lot of extra courses and worked a lot of side jobs to get job experience so I would stand out. I earned an internship at Cisco Systems in 2007, and spent 15 years working my way to a Global Director role. I found ways in every job to add a little more than everyone else around me. Then, after 15 years, I wanted to try something different. I applied for the role at Meta and networked my way into a meeting with the hiring manager. I've been at Meta since 2022, and already expanded my scope and role to do more than I originally planned in a short time.

My next job probably doesn't exist yet! I plan on finding ways to do more in every role and see what opportunities open up.

I love to garden, read non-fiction, and spend time with my toddler son & family.

"If you’re going to participate in life, you’re going to lose. The only true loss is not participating. Show up, go far."