Tracy Adams

CEO and Founder

Greetr, dedicated to helping companies and potential employees build relationships.

Lots of things. I code. I work with my coding team in Pakistan. I talk to investors to raise money. I talk to potential customers. Once a customer picks Greetr, I help them learn and use the software. I am constantly thinking about how to make the software better and better.

I love inventing new things. I love thinking of ideas and then making them happen. I love meeting people and learning their goals and figuring out ways to help. I love working with people all around the work.

I work at home. The first thing in the morning is a meeting with my software development team in Pakistan. Their time-zone is about 12 hours different than ours, so it is the end of their day. I then do a little programming and have breakfast. The afternoon is some coding and then also different types of meetings involved in selling, helping existing customers, or keeping investors informed.

My first education was very very technical (I went to MIT) and I liked the fact that there was always an answer. Working with people is very "fuzzy". Over time, I observed that those people who had the most influence were very good at working with other people. So I spent a lot of time learning about how to be a good manager and how to be influential when talking with people. Most of all, I learned how to relax, even when different people may react in different ways. So over time, I have been able to improve my technical skills and expand into leadership and sales.

I want Greetr to be successful. I also want to create other companies and help other people create companies. I have created some software that we use at Greetr that will be useful to others, so I am looking for different partnerships and ways I can help other companies succeed. I'm also taking a class in how to start a speaking business. I'd like to write a book and speak about how to lead in software.

I do a sport called Crossfit, which is a group exercise program that is very hard. I can lift a LOT of weight. I like to travel and have been to 35 countries. I like all sorts of puzzles. I also like hanging out with friends and going to dinner, movies and dancing.

"If not you, who? If not now, when?"