Rosi Miranda

Software Consulting Engineer

Cisco Systems

I work on software projects to automate and/or orchestrate Cisco technologies and products. Cisco Systems is the leader communications technology company in the world.

I enjoy that I have control of my time and learn something new everyday!

I normally join team meetings to discuss our project's progress, agree on next step,s and then plan the rest of the day according to that. In between work, I take some time to support an internal group focused on promoting women presence in STEM or volunteering activities within the company.

I joined Cisco via an internship program called CX Academy during my last semester in college. I learned networking foundations and was offered a full-time job offer when I graduated. After that, I specialized in customer support for their wireless networks for one year. Finally, I transitioned to the software, automation, and orchestration team, given my network technical background and my interest in software development.

I want to increase my technical abilities, become the software/networking expert, and work on more complex projects all while respecting a work-life balance.

I play video games, watch anime, play with my dogs, learn crochet, or watch Netflix.

“When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.” ~ RuPaul Charles