Rashmi Ambale

Technical Program Manager

Cisco Systems

As a program manager, I orchestrate the planning, execution, and delivery of projects, ensuring alignment with organizational goals. I coordinate cross-functional teams, manage resources, and navigate challenges to achieve program objectives, while fostering communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Given the increasing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives in shaping sustainable business practices, I work with program management for ESG initiatives within Cisco's supply chain organization. This places you at the forefront of driving positive change, not only environmentally, but also in terms of social responsibility within the supply chain.

I love driving positive change through ESG initiatives and leveraging innovation to foster sustainable and ethical practices in the supply chain. It's rewarding to align business goals with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, creating a meaningful impact on the planet and communities.

My typical day involves strategizing ESG initiatives, collaborating with cross-functional teams, analyzing data for sustainable improvements, engaging with suppliers on compliance, and communicating progress to stakeholders, all while navigating challenges to drive impactful, positive changes within the supply chain.

Fueled by a passion for sustainability, I transitioned from a technical background to ESG program management. I leverage my skills in project coordination and stakeholder engagement to drive meaningful environmental and social change within the supply chain.

My future holds continued leadership in sustainability, advancing innovative ESG strategies, influencing global supply chain practices, and contributing to a more ethical, environmentally conscious business landscape. I will also continue mentoring the next generation of ESG champions.

I love mentoring women to return to work.

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