Yasmine Ben Salmi

Author, Publisher and aspiring plastic surgeon

The Choice Is Yours Publishing

I am an author, public speaker, advocate, publisher, and an aspiring plastic surgeon with huge dreams. I have a biting desire to help others and to inspire the next generation. I have published a scientific article called 'An Overview of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Advantages and Disadvantages' with my mentor, Detina Zalli , who’s a lead professor from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge: https://oxfordacademy.io/overview-of-reconstructive-plastic-surgery-advantages-and-disadvantages/

I love meeting new people and being able to touch their hearts and minds in a positive way.

Studying, public speaking, writing, creating, and reaching.

I was bullied in both primary and secondary school, which had an adverse impact on my confidence. Unfortunately, my four siblings also experienced bullying, so our mum took us to personal development events to empower us to heal. This led us to co-create as a family the ‘Dreaming Big Together’ transformational programme. Now we tour internationally as a family and go into schools to touch the hearts and minds of others.

I will continue transforming the lives of young people, completing my studies, and then setting up my own private hospital some day.

I love horseback riding, reading, traveling (we just came back from visiting Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar where we mixed business with pleasure), dining at restaurants, playing sports, knitting/crocheting, learning a new language, swimming and so much more.

“When I chose to be in the choice, I realised that I had control of the way that I speak to myself and I chose words of positivity and love to strengthen my mind.” ~ Yasmine Ben Salmi, "When I Chose to be in the Choice"