Lashai Ben Salmi

Multi-award winning Author, Speaker, Publisher, & Creator, international relations & cultural connectivity Advocate, and youth Advocate

Life According to Lashai

I help to bridge gaps and connect cultures.

I love meeting new people and helping solve problems.

I get to meet and connect with people from around the world and collaborate to create innovative solutions to global issues.

Born and raised in London, England, I experienced a host of challenges growing up - everything from bullying to health difficulties. I decided that I wouldn't let my adversities stop me, but rather allow them to propel me forward. I decided to turn my adversities into empowerment and to encourage others to do the same. I launched my career as a Speaker, Author, and Creator at the age of 11. I grew up having spent much of my childhood (and teenage years) on national and international stages, delivering motivational presentations (ranging from publishing & marketing to anti-bullying and cultural connectivity) to young people, world leaders and professionals. Now, I am a UN Women UK Delegate & Distinguished Korean Wave Representative (a title and award presented to her by the Director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK due to my extensive work and contributions to the promotion of the Korean Wave). I am also one of the most prominent and influential names in the Hallyu, entertainment, and personal development industries today (alongside my family - The Ben Salmis).

I hope to continue my global work and to continue to connect nations.

I love trying new food and traveling.

“You are beautiful, perfect, and unique just the way you so never let anyone tell you otherwise.”