Joanna Bloor


The Amplify Lab

I'm really a Professional Potentialist and Fairy Godmother. I think more people need to understand the missing conversation of the #FutureYou. It's who everyone wants to meet, including you. You can learn more at: . I work with people to make sure people in decision-making rooms know who you are and why your unique value could be useful to them. In essence, I co-produce the Future You.

I get to help people see why they are uniquely awesome every day. Everyone feels great afterward.

Most of my time - working with the individuals I'm coaching. However, I'm also figuring out how to scale the impact of my business using technology including AI, no-code systems, and workflow automation. Work is a combination of communication, problem-solving, and imagining what a preferable future could be.

I started out in sales in a tech startup in 1995. I got bored of sales, so I started self-educating myself on the backend technology stacks. Multiple startups (4 IPOs - Ticketmaster, Opentable, CNet) later, I became the Vice President of Revenue Operations for Pandora, a subsidiary of SiriusXM. When I left Pandora, I decided I wanted to start my own company, so here I am!

Sequins! Yes, really.

I'm an avid hiker and runner. I love the great outdoors.

"When the Fairy Godmother met Cinderella she didn't say, 'You need to improve.' She said, 'If you show up at the ball in that dress and no ride, they won't let you past the front gate.' Opportunities are a combination of truth AND appearance. In meeting your goals, you have to consider both." - Joanna Bloor