Chrissy Venditti

Scrum Master


I empower software development teams by training them in the Agile process and principles, coaching technical best practices and helping them to remove blockers.

I love that I'm not the team manager, I'm a coach who helps them get what they need to be good in their roles. It's a supporting role where you see people grow and reach their full potential. I've had opportunities to move into higher positions, but want to be in with the team day to day, seeing how they work , it's what I love the most.

I check our team chat group first every day. We have a non-work channel where people post what they've done at the weekend etc. We also have other channels I check for urgent issues and team absence. It sets me up for the day. I have a few direct messages to address from the team, asking if I can help with something. And I send anything I need help on too. Then meetings start - usually about improving processes, or unblocking work. We have a quick 15 minute online with our US colleagues, where the whole team meets to discuss together what they're working on and anything they need help with. Then usually late afternoon I either have meetings with leadership to play back our progress while the team work or I'll be putting together training slides or process guides.

Most of my roles have included a form of team work, working with customers and project management. I started as a shop assistant at New Look. I worked there for 4 years and loved it, as I enjoyed being around customers and training new starters. I went to university to study English and Psychology and then went back to New Look for a while. After uni, I worked at a publishing house as an assistant editor. It was a small family business and I started as a temp. I then worked in a call centre before working as a Digital Editor for the Department for Education. It was one of the best jobs I've ever had and I Ioved it! I then worked as an Editor/Product Manager, and eventually Scrum Master, for Cambridge University Press, then moved over to Arm as a Scrum Master. Scrum Master seems to be the perfect fit for me now, but it took a while to get there as I was trying out other roles on the way. The job title 'Scrum Master' actually didn't exist when I entered the world of work!

I'm expecting my second baby in March, so I'm very excited about that! I'd love to move into a role coaching other Scrum Masters, so perhaps after maternity leave I could explore that.

I love spending time with my little boy. He's at a lovely age and is lots of fun. I'm into fitness, so before I was pregnant, I worked out a few times a week before I started my work day. I love going on holiday and travelling, and just being around friends and family.

'I refuse to believe that you can not be both compassionate and strong.' ~Jacinda Ardern (After she was criticised for not being aggressive enough.)