Maria Nowacka

MSc student in Energy Engineering, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology

Currently, I am fully committed to my studies and academic path at Aalborg University (Denmark), although I support the business team of the E-mobility Competence Center department in AC S.A. company based in Poland.

I am an Electric and Hybrid Vehicle engineer and during my Master's degree, I have wanted to explore further possibilities of alternative fuels and emerging green technologies that could power our future. Within my degree, I expand my expertise in power systems which include fuel cells as a main source of energy.

I love to learn about new exciting ideas and see the purpose of my work. Contributing to energy sector development can help us all find a new way to protect our home planet Earth and sustain constantly growing energy demand in an unharmful way, so we can live peacefully and in harmony with nature.

I am spending most of my academic day at the campus, either at the laboratory space where we conduct our research on fuel cells or at the so-called "project-rooms" where we develop our work as future researchers, writing papers, reports and having exciting brainstorms on new issues and ideas to implement for hydrogen technologies.

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with BSc in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering, which is an electro-mechanical degree related to the automotive sector. My thesis was elaborating on fuel cell powertrain and its immense influence on the future market. During my last year and after graduation I worked for different companies in the e-mobility sector, like Volkswagen and Accenture, and further learned about the energy gap that would be so easily filled by fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. At the time I decided I want to devote my career to this specific topic and was willing to move abroad to gain expertise.

I would like to make hydrogen technologies more common and better understandable for society. A dream would be to work with energy systems and powertrains whereas fuel cells are standardized solutions. My other mission is to motivate women to engage in science and engineering paths. I see myself supporting others for the better future ahead of us, especially women who hold incredible power and resilience in achieving great things, together.

I am an active person, I enjoy spending my leisure time with friends, exploring new places, traveling, doing yoga, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen - I am allegedly a great cook, and I absolutely adore to share a tasty meal with others. :)

The Distance Between Dreams And Reality Is Action - Ben Francia