Michelle Horlbogen

CEO / Chief Empathy Officer

The Gentlewoman Boss Mission: To foster civility, respect and integrity in the boardroom and beyond.

As a writer, podcast host and speaker, I help people who have been targets of workplace bullying and harassment find their voice by leading with transparency about my own experience, making myself accessible to them as a mentor, writing and sharing empowering material and content about workplace abuse and board accountability, as well as speaking publicly on the topic.

I love that I have connected with other women (and men) around the world who have also been targets of bullying, whether it's in school, at home, or at work, and helping them get through it and find their BRAVE! It's

Every day is different depending on what's on my agenda. If I have a podcast coming up, I do a lot of work setting up the episode, researching my guest, reading their content: books, online info, etc. On other days I'm researching articles that relate to bullying and looking for resources to share on my website and Social Media platforms.

Two days after I reported ethical concerns to my employer, I was fired by my female bully boss! That was a really bad day. I think girls and women should support other girls and women, not tear them down. So six months later I launched my website and podcast as a platform for whistleblowers and targets of bullying, abuse, and retaliation; especially for females that have been bullied by other females. I started The Gentlewoman Boss so that anyone who went through what I went through would have a safe place to go, to find support and resources.

I'm working on writing a book about leadership and the qualities that define a good leader; the qualities of gentlewomen & gentlemen. I hope to increase my public speaking on these topics and continue to connect with more amazing women, both young and old.

I love all things vintage! I love to go treasure hunting for vintage clothing and I sell some of it in my online shop, The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage. I also love spending time with my daughter. She's a freshman in college and she's pursuing a career in Engineering (super proud!!) We love going to Taylor Swift concerts (miss that!), out for lunch, to the beach and just going for drives together with our Mother/Daughter playlist blasting. I also adore my mother's Australian Shepherd and play with him whenever I can.