Rocki Howard

Chief Diversity Officer

SmartRecruiters is a tech company. We provide a talent acquisition suite that allows company to hire great talent at scale.

I help my company any our clients hire, fairly pay and creat environments where all types of people feel like they belong and can be successful!

Being a voice for people that don't always have a voice. Being a leader and supporting the careers of others.

I spend time doing reasearch, conducting interviews, creating processes, writing , working with technology, engaging with people live and on social media to teach and coach.

I worked in retail, then worked for a company that hired people for other companies (temporary agencies). I fell in love with the work. I continued to work for companies using the skills I learned. I learned to manage people, projects, processes and finances. I traveled and managed people in several companies.

Having fun with my husband and four kids. Writing books. Hosting podcasts. Continuing to be voice for those who don't have one.

I love to read, see, write, do yoga and hang with my family including my two dogs!

Be bold. Showcase your brilliance. Own your special brand of crazy!