Kim-adele Platts


Kim Adele Ltd - Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

I run my own business as a Leadership coach, Mentor, Non-exec, speaker and author. Having navigated my own journey from hairdresser to CEO I now share my knowledge to help others get out of their own way, step into their light and lead with kindness empathy and courage.

I love seeing people develop their confidence and achieve their goals. One of the greatest gifts is to give someone your belief in them to enable them to find there own, and when they do it's breathtaking.

My days are usually split between meetings with clients which can be one to one coaching sessions or delivering a speech for their company and the rest of the time creating content, be that my next book, or a video for my YouTube channel to share hits and tips with others.

I started out as a hairdresser and following my first major illness had to change direction, becoming a cashier at a bank. I spent the next 20 years working my way up the ranks becoming a board member in my late forties, and then moving between Financial Services and IT Software. Having my daughter late in life made me rethink my purpose and my third major illness did the rest forcing me to rethink. I got my qualifications in Exec Coaching and started my own business, 2 years ago. Since then I have co-authored 3 International best sellers and I give motivational speeches globally to assist people in getting out of their own way and following their dreams.

Bringing my little girl up to know that there is nothing in the world she can't achieve as long as she is kind, curious, tries hard and isn't afraid to fail. After all, it isn't the mistake that defines us, it's what we do with it.

Spending time with my daughter, baking, crafting, painting and having fun. I also love cooking, reading, dancing, socialising and recently photography.

"Be kind, stay curious, dream big and believe, because you are proof that miracles happen". I wrote it for my daughter but I believe it to be true of everyone, we are all proof miracles happened for somebody.