Liana Nicklaus

Senior Design Engineer

Arm - we're a computer hardware company that designs the "blueprints" for components that go into cell phones, servers, and more!

I design systems- on-chip, which means I take computer parts designed by different teams within the company and stick them together to create a working computer system.

I love getting to work collaboratively with people from all around the world, solve logic puzzles and play a part in creating technology that will change people's lives. A lot of other companies use the components Arm develops, so the work I do has a big impact!

When I'm working individually, I am writing in a special kind of computer programming language called Verilog that allows us to write descriptions of hardware instead of software. I also draw lots of diagrams, make PowerPoint presentations, and write programs in other software programming languages like Python. A lot of my time is also spent working with my teammates. Sometimes we have meetings, other times we talk on the phone or with instant messaging on Slack. We have big discussions about plans for future designs, help each other solve our problems, and coordinate our work with other teams at the company.

When I was in high school I took an electronics class that was really exciting for me. Even though I was really good at writing and history, and not as good at math and science, I decided I would like being an engineer, and the adults around me told me it was a good career where I could do lots of interesting stuff and make good money doing it. I majored in Electrical Engineering in college and specialized in Computer Architecture when I got to my junior and senior year. When I graduated I got my job at Arm. I have been working there ever since, and learning lots every day!

I'm excited to keep growing in my engineering career by learning more about technology. I hope I will get to be in a role that involves interacting with my company's customers, such as helping define their product requirements or helping train them on our technology. Outside of work, I want to keep traveling to new countries, learning to speak Chinese, and getting better at running.

I play video games with my husband, do lots of hiking, go for runs, play board games with my friends, and read books.

Never underestimate the impact that one person caring a whole awful lot can have on the world.