Stephanie Esuola

Senior Program Manager


I manage programs of work delivering technology, process and people change.

I love taking an idea and using technology to make it a reality.

I work to implement ideas that will change organisations using technology. My role is incredibly varied! However there is one constant - on a daily basis I will work with my team to make sure we are working to schedule and remove anything that could take us off track.

I studied law at university then became a management consultant, picking up various soft skills and professional qualifications along the way. I then moved into tech after working on digital transformations.

I've always wanted to write a short book, to run a marathon and to build my own house! I'm bursting with ideas for the future!

I love variety so it is hard to choose just one thing! I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, painting and reading poetry. I find exercising and travelling really relaxing. I try to dance to at least one song a day as a reminder not to take life too seriously!

I love all of Maya Angelou's writings and words. The one that is currently challenging me to live life to the fullest is - " There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."