Tolu Akindunni

Director of Innovation & Lean, SGBD UK

Saint-Gobain - we manufacture and distribute construction and high-performance materials used in buildings, cars, healthcare and almost all aspects of life!

I help to come up with new and innovative ways of working that will help out business become more efficient and profitable.

It is very dynamic and uses a lot of creativity whilst at the same time it allows me to work in an entrepreneurial fashion.

I’m usually working with various teams to try to solve a problem - it could be piloting a new product/service or helping to launch something to market. In my typical day, I am problem solving, coaching, directing and consulting with business counterparts to help to deliver a new solution.

I started off with a degree in micro-biology funny enough, and hope it use it again someday. Since then, I moved into the information technology space and got a Masters degree in Interactive Media in 2005. I then worked on Digital technology for about 10 years in the last two years of. which I obtained another Masters in Business Administration in 2015. For the last 5 years I have been helping business transform themselves to become more agile and innovative with the use of technology to become more profitable and delivering better value to their customers.

The future for me is becoming more of a role model in everything I do. I have a 15-month old daughter and want to teach her to reach and achieve her best self and potential. From the professional perspective I have a lot going as well as I will be moving to the US to join another part of our business so really excited about the adventure and the opportunity to continue to do even more within the STEM space.

I love to travel and explore new cultures. I also sing and have taken a few courses as a classical vocalist.

Be the best version of you in everything you do. Never be afraid to try something even when you don’t know how to do it. Just give it a go and even if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll have it on record that you tried.