Liz Lima

Founder CEO FierceMODA

FierceMODA - virtual online dressing room. Confidence is armor you could not buy...until now.

Building a worldwide women empowerment movement disguised as clothing.

I love seeing that woman get the ah-ha moment, right when she puts on an outfit and feels confident, strong, and walks into any situation with her head held high!

Building a tech company alongside my clothing boutique. I look at styles daily and update the FierceMODA website with new items. Stay engaged with the community of women in our VIP group.

We all have a story and ultimately what we end up doing in our lives is a hardship that we learned to overcome. Mine is a very personal story with a massive body and mind transformation. I have coached hundreds of women with their health and ultimately with their lives. I LOVE helping women be more than what they think they are. If I can be the catalyst for that transformation and start it with any outfit, so be it!

A worldwide company that brings sustainability to our fabrics industry and ethical treatment to all fashion industry workers. Changing the face of fashion and having a company that has a soul and a face

Getting together with my friends, playing Ice Hockey. spending time with my 2 little ones.

You always had the power, my dear, you had to learn it for yourself - Glinda The Good Witch