Melisa Anahi Turano

Head of Sales - Global Liquidity and Cash Management

HSBC Bank Argentina

I am responsible for developing and executing our strategic plan to achieve sales targets, building and cultivating strong and long-lasting relationships with customers. I have a double hatted responsibility as co founder and business lead of ‘Mujeres al Mundo’ - our local chapter of banking on women, aimed at accelerating women’s economic inclusion and empowerment, by way of providing training, networking, mentoring and financial services to our female customers.

I am a passionate person who really enjoys going above and beyond the limits. I love co-creating fresh initiatives and strategies with my team, mentoring and supporting people to develop their full potential. I enjoy being an entrepreneur within a large corporation and playing my role towards a more inclusive society.

I spend most of the day meeting with customers and colleagues, understanding clients’ needs and working together with my team to develop the best banking solutions. As a Leader, an important part of my job is inspiring and helping people to identify what they are capable of and reveal their potential. That means lots of deep and enriching conversations. At the end of the day, it is always about people. People that will work with you, people that will buy your products or services, people that will sell their products or services to you... So, no matter which the job is, the more you focus on understanding people and building relationships, the more successful you will be.

I started working at HSBC in 2006, as a financial advisor for the contact centre, where I was then appointed team leader. In 2011, I applied for a job in Global Liquidity and Cash Management. I began this part of my journey as Sales manager for SMEs and then for Large Corporates. In 2015, I became Corporate Sales Team Leader, position I held up to 2019, when I was promoted to Head of Sales, my current job. In 2017, I joined BALANCE ERG, HSBC employee resource group dedicated to supporting the recruitment, development and engagement of a gender balanced workforce. Being BALANCE’s Chair for 3 years was a truly empowering experience. I have been able to expand my network, strengthen my leadership skills and develop lots of new ones, while playing my part in creating a more equal workplace. In 2019, I worked with Patricia Bindi (Country Head of Commercial Banking) and Liliana Rossi ( Head of Wealth Management) to launch ‘Mujeres al Mundo’ - a startup that continues growing as a result of great teamwork across many areas.

My immediate career goal is to consolidate our banking on women program ‘Mujeres al Mundo’. In time of changing circumstances and new paradigms, improved representations of female leaders will lead to a more rounded view , acting as a multiplier of innovation and sustainable growth. At a personal level, I would love to be a mother some day.

I love travelling, meeting new people and learning about their cultures. I missed it a lot these days of lockdown because of covid19. I love spending time with friends and family, cooking for and with them, and enjoying the simple things in life.

Enjoy every step of the journey. Believe in yourself. Take on new challenges. Mistakes are learning accelerators. Embrace diversity, learn and teach through relationships. Be a team player, build and expand your network, share your dreams out loud and you will find people willing to help you. Do not forsake your gifts, use it as special tools you have to accomplish a deeper purpose, that one that fuels you with energy and passion to go above and beyond the limits.