Yasemin Sunbul

Senior Engineering Area Manager

Openreach - We connect people to the UKs digital network

I look after 200 people (engineers, managers, surveyors, etc) across Lancs & Cumbria. I am responsible for all network delivery across various products - New build sites, Business’s, In life Capacity. In basic terms, keeping the people of Lancs & Cumbria connected to the internet!

I love that I am a part of connecting people to the internet so they can stay in touch with loved ones, watch online content, use social media, etc.

I am either spending a productive day in meetings and calls and planning for the now and future of Lancs & Cumbria or I am out and about in the field with my team - the field days are of course my favourite, I just love meeting my engineers and having a chat!

I joined Openreach as an apprentice network planner at 16 and not looked back since. After finishing my apprenticeship earlier, I quickly rose the management ladder and gained my 1st promotion at 18/19 (one of the youngest managers in Openreach), since then I have moved around the business in different roles from, desk manager, project delivery manager and service assurance manager which brings me to where I am now. I am also currently undertaking a Business Management Degree which will help take me to the next level in my career.

I want to achieve lots of things but my main goals are to become the youngest CEO of a FTSE100 company and to have made a real impact in the diversity and inclusion space in the UK’s Telecoms industry

I love exercising - well any exercise apart from running!! I also enjoy, listening to podcasts and reading inspirational biographies

Always put yourself forward for opportunities and if there is no opportunity there, then make your own!