Kelly Francis


A FinTech company who specialise is centralising siloed enterprise mobility data and enabling global salary and expenses payments to be initiated from one central digital platform.

Lead teams, design technology strategy, research new and emerging technology and inspire others to be creative through technology.

Working with really smart people, inventing solutions to difficult problems.

Everyday is different. I am part of a small start up, one day I could be working with my team designing technology architecture, the next I may be found setting up the office Alexa. Everything I do is ultimately to help my team build better technology.

I started at the beginning, in a software company, doing anything that anyone needed help with. That could be covering the user helpdesk, answering calls from our customers, testing new software, writing documents. I learnt to code by myself by using online training courses and from there I realised I loved leading people and teams of technologists. Technologists are often really smart and I love being around smart people (we didn't all do that well at school!).

That is hard to say; I have never been one for thinking too much about the future and having a plan. What I can say is, I will learn every day, I will keep researching technology trends and I will be a bit better tomorrow than I was today.

I love getting outside, whether that is for a walk, a cycle or a wild swim (in a lake or river). It's really important to keep time to see my family and friends.

Learn something new every day!