Christina Howell

Chief Cloud Officer


I manage a team of people who work on Cloud Projects. We work with clients to enable them to move into Public Cloud and, where possible, we automate.

I love to see things being automated from 8 weeks to 2 hours. I love to see the people who work for AND grow and learn new skills. I love to encourage more people in the Cloud Ops role ,especially women, as it can be lonely sometimes.

I work out what a client needs technically and I provide great engineers based on their skillset. I work as a technical lead to architect and ensure security in the cloud.

I have moved jobs a lot. I started as a graduate of Compaq computers, then HP, and many more companies. I have a diverse skill set because of the jobs I have held. Women can be leaders and also be technical.

My greatest achievement will be when we have training program to bring people in Cloud more.

Dance, walk my dog, and listen to music. I love to travel; missed this due to COVID.

As long as you are determined, have resilience, you can achieve anything, because only you can stop you.