Christina Connelly

Co-Founder and Chief Experience Design Officer

Honey Badger

We design and deliver measurable change through culture and experience. I help people realise their own superpowers so they can use them to make the best products and services for their audiences.

I help people see the world more equally and inclusively and help change their mindsets and see the bigger picture.

Lots of creativity. Lots of brainstorming. Lots of collaboration. It's important we listen to people and empathise and understand their needs. The more we know the better we can problem solve and make the world a better place.

By qualification, I am a creative. I can draw, paint and do graphic design. But my career has evolved into management within the design industry, into experience design, which means getting to understand the "why" behind design and the reason for it more than how pretty it is. I also help people; I mentor them and help them become the best version of themselves.

Changing the world. This doesn't mean solving global warming or stopping wars. Changing someone's world, which could be as small as a mindset change or as big as a better culture within an organisation. Ultimately, I want to make people happy.

For fun I draw, play retro video games, and build Lego. But the most important thing to me is family. I love spending time with my wife, my parents, sister, and my amazing nephew, who is my absolute world.

If you say you can, you CAN. If you say you can't, you WON'T.